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Help & Advice: Garage Door Security

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5 Garage Door Security Tips

Locking Measures: Ensure your garage and any connecting internal doors are always locked; use a padlock for added security when away. Smart Garage Doors: Consider upgrading to smart or automated doors for enhanced security and remote monitoring. Install Motion-Activated Lights: Use exterior lighting to deter burglars, especially motion-sensor lights. Regular Maintenance: Keep your garage door well-maintained and ensure all internal access doors are secure and sturdy. With the nights drawing in and daylight hours reducing, the festive period is just around the corner. Christmas is always an exciting time of year, but one way your Christmas could be ruined is by…

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How has Garage Door Security Improved Over the Years?

Historical Evolution: Garage doors have significantly evolved from storing automobiles next to houses in the early 20th century to the invention of the first automatic garage doors in the 1970s. The materials used have transitioned from wood to more durable metals like galvanised steel and aluminium. Material Advancements: Originally made from wood, garage doors now predominantly use metals like galvanised steel and aluminium due to their durability and resistance to weather and force, enhancing overall security. Enhanced Security Features: Modern garage doors, especially roller and sectional types, offer superior protection. Standard security features include dual locks, bars to prevent lock tampering,…

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How to Keep Your Garage Door Secure

Install an Alarm: An alarm system can deter burglars and alert neighbours if a break-in is attempted. Visible alarms are especially effective. Secure Adjoining Doors: Ensure doors connecting the garage to the home are secure to prevent intruders from accessing the house. Keep the Garage Door Closed: Avoid leaving the garage door open. Use a security timer to automatically close the door if left open. Maintain the Garage Door: Regularly check for and repair any damage, such as loose panels, faulty locks, and rust, to prevent attracting burglars. These days, you can’t be too careful when it comes to home security,…

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