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Help & Advice: Garage Door Security

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5 Garage Door Security Tips

With the nights drawing in and daylight hours reducing, the festive period is just around the corner. Christmas is always an exciting time of year, but one way your Christmas could be ruined is by a break-in at your property. Unfortunately, at this time of year burglaries often spike as thieves are on the lookout for valuable items inside homes. With this in mind, it’s important that your property is as secure as possible. Often, thieves will target garage doors as a way of gaining access to the rest of a property. If not properly maintained or installed, garage doors can…

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How has Garage Door Security Improved Over the Years?

One of the most important features of your garage door is that it keeps your property, and its contents, safe.  Over the years, thieves have become better and better at finding their way into properties using innovative techniques to penetrate garage doors and steal what’s inside.  However, while the thieves may have improved, garage doors have also evolved.  At Associated Garage Doors, we’ve seen first hand how garage doors have enhanced over the years, and we’re going to be listing some of these today in this month’s article. The evolution of garage doors In the early days, when it was more…

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How to Keep Your Garage Door Secure

These days, you can’t be too careful when it comes to home security, and if you own a garage door – you have even more to think about. Consider this statistic from Nationwide Insurance: around one in ten burglars enters a home through the garage. Now while that number might seem low, if the study focused purely on homes in suburban areas, the results would be alarming. So with that in mind, take note of the following tips about keeping your garage more secure. Get an alarm Whether you extend your current alarm or have a separate one installed, this will…

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