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How has Garage Door Security Improved Over the Years?

  • Historical Evolution: Garage doors have significantly evolved from storing automobiles next to houses in the early 20th century to the invention of the first automatic garage doors in the 1970s. The materials used have transitioned from wood to more durable metals like galvanised steel and aluminium.
  • Material Advancements: Originally made from wood, garage doors now predominantly use metals like galvanised steel and aluminium due to their durability and resistance to weather and force, enhancing overall security.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Modern garage doors, especially roller and sectional types, offer superior protection. Standard security features include dual locks, bars to prevent lock tampering, and anti-snap locks. Automatic doors add another layer of security by requiring remote control access.
  • Additional Security Measures: To further improve garage security, additional measures such as garage door defenders, motion lights, CCTV systems, and alarm systems can be implemented. These advancements make contemporary garage doors much safer than those in the past.

One of the most important features of your garage door is that it keeps your property, and its contents, safe. 

Over the years, thieves have become better and better at finding their way into properties using innovative techniques to penetrate garage doors and steal what’s inside. 

However, while the thieves may have improved, garage doors have also evolved. 

At Associated Garage Doors, we’ve seen first hand how garage doors have enhanced over the years, and we’re going to be listing some of these today in this month’s article.

close up of padlock on chain

The evolution of garage doors

In the early days, when it was more common to travel via horse and carriage than car, those lucky enough to own an automobile would simply store it next to their house – often in the same place as their horse. 

It wasn’t until the 1920s when the first recognisable garage door was invented – and it’s fair to say they’ve changed somewhat since then.

The first automatic garage doors were introduced in the 1970s and while they may have slightly changed in design since then, the popularity of this option remains higher than ever. 

As the decades have passed the type of materials used for garage doors have also changed. In the early stages of manufacturing, wood was the material of choice. But when it became clear that wood had a habit of warping, and could be broken down if enough force was applied, many people switched to metal.

By the 1970s most garage door owners had products made of galvanised steel, which were less likely to be influenced by the elements and enhanced the security of garages. 

Now, most garage doors are made from metal with aluminium also being a popular choice.  

Security features to protect your garage

In terms of pure protection, roller and sectional doors are the best types of garage door to keep your property safe. Cutting through them is one of the only ways to break into these types of door – which is noisy and time-consuming.

But, if you’d prefer a garage door of a differing design, then there are plenty of security features you can implement. 

Most garage doors already come with security features including:  

  • Two locks – one on each side of the door 
  • Bars that prevent locks from being attacked from the outside
  • Anti-snap locks which stops entry being gained even if drilled or snapped 

Automatic garage doors are considered safer than their manual equivalents, as they require a remote control to open.  

Other security measures you can put in place to improve the security of your garage doors include garage door defenders, motion lights and CCTV systems and incorporating alarm systems to your garage doors.

All of these security accessories have contributed to a higher level of safety for garage doors.  

Nowadays the level of security a garage door brings is far superior to what was offered in the past. If you’re on the lookout for garage doors that can keep you and your property safe, then look no further than Associated Garage Doors. We also offer a stunning range of front doors and composite doors.  Our team is committed to bringing you the best garage door services across Kent including Bexhill, Canterbury, Cranbrook and the surrounding areas, putting your safety first every time. For more information on how we can help you, contact us today.

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