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Fibreglass Garage Doors (Glass Reinforced Polyester GRP Doors) Guide

Composition: Fibreglass garage doors, made of glass reinforced polyester, resemble real wood but require less maintenance. Benefits: They are lightweight, low-maintenance, and durable, suitable for harsh weather conditions. Security and Aesthetics: Offer robust security and an attractive, wood-like appearance. Availability: Available from leading manufacturers like Garador and Hormann, supplied by Associated Garage Doors. Fibreglass garage doors are among the most innovative garage door materials in the industry. Also known as glass reinforced polyester (GRP) garage doors, they’re surging in popularity alongside more traditional garage door materials such as steel, aluminium and wood.  At Associated Garage Doors, we’re Kent’s leading supplier and…

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5 Garage Door Security Tips

Locking Measures: Ensure your garage and any connecting internal doors are always locked; use a padlock for added security when away. Smart Garage Doors: Consider upgrading to smart or automated doors for enhanced security and remote monitoring. Install Motion-Activated Lights: Use exterior lighting to deter burglars, especially motion-sensor lights. Regular Maintenance: Keep your garage door well-maintained and ensure all internal access doors are secure and sturdy. With the nights drawing in and daylight hours reducing, the festive period is just around the corner. Christmas is always an exciting time of year, but one way your Christmas could be ruined is by…

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Do I Need Planning Permission for a New Garage?

General Rule: Typically, you don’t need planning permission for a new garage, but it must comply with specific size limitations. Height Limit: To avoid planning permission, a garage’s height should not exceed 4 metres. Garage Conversion: No planning permission is needed for internal conversions as long as the size isn’t increased, but check your property’s development rights. Extension Considerations: For garage extensions or adding a room above, keep the height under 4 metres to avoid the need for planning permission. Any significant home improvements require careful planning to ensure they are executed safely and within British regulations.  When adding or converting…

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How Do Up & Over Garage Doors Work?

Affordability and Durability: Up and over doors are usually cheaper and simpler to install, making them a long-lasting and cost-effective choice for homeowners. Ease of Use and Maintenance: These doors are known for their straightforward design, making them easy to use and maintain over the years. Types of Up and Over Doors: Canopy Style: Opens on a pivot, with about a third of the door protruding outward when open, requiring less internal storage space. Retractable Style: Retracts fully into the garage on roof tracks, allowing for smoother operation and the option for automation. Space Considerations: Canopy doors require clearance outside the…

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6 Benefits of Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Convenient Access: Side-hinged garage doors open like traditional double doors, providing quick and easy pedestrian access without the need to raise the entire door. Elegant Appearance: The traditional design adds an elegant touch to any property, especially when customised with natural wood or bold paintwork. Enhanced Security and Privacy: These doors allow partial opening, keeping the entire garage contents hidden and offering strong locking systems for improved security and privacy. Customisation and Automation: Side-hinged doors can be made to measure, fitting perfectly with various materials and colours. They are also easy to automate, enhancing convenience and usability. If you’re searching for…

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