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What is the Right Garage Door for My Home?

  • Up-and-Over and Sectional Doors: Offer timeless style and space efficiency, with up-and-over doors being durable and sectional doors providing added security.
  • Roller and Automated Doors: Roller doors save space and are low-maintenance, while automated doors provide convenience and enhanced security.
  • Material Choices: Options include classic wood, durable steel, and weather-resistant uPVC, with insulated doors ideal for energy efficiency and comfort in multi-use garages.

Investing in a new garage door for your home requires research so that you can make an informed decision and pick a design that delivers on both functionality and style.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of garage doors available and their benefits so you can navigate through the range of options to find the right one for your home.

Wooden Roller SWS Garage Door

Up-and-Over Garage Doors

For a timeless and elegant look, up-and-over garage doors are a classic choice. They are available in a variety of materials and finishes, so you’ll have no problem finding one to match the style of your home. As the name suggests, these doors swing up and out when opened and they are incredibly durable, meaning they can withstand the unpredictable British weather.

Sectional Garage Doors

During operation, these doors open vertically and then slide back into the ceiling, removing the need for tracks on the floor. These space-saving features make sectional garage doors an excellent choice for homeowners with shorter garages or driveways as vehicles can be parked up to the door without risk of being hit by it swinging out.
Sectional doors are also more difficult to force open compared to some of the alternative designs, adding an extra layer of protection.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are another space-saving option — ideal for properties with limited driveway space. They roll up into a compact position above the garage opening, leaving the ceiling and walls free for storage. Additionally, roller doors are known for their durability and low-maintenance qualities, making them a popular choice for busy homeowners.

Automated Garage Doors

These doors offer unrivalled convenience, especially for homeowners with mobility issues or those who want to add a modern touch to their home. With just a push of a button or a smartphone app, you can easily open and close your garage door without leaving your vehicle.

Not only does this save you the effort of manually opening a heavy door, but it also improves personal security as you can stay safely inside your vehicle during operation.

Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors prevent heat loss, improve noise levels and help to maintain a comfortable temperature within the garage. This is particularly important if your garage is used as a workspace, a home gym or a utility room.

Material Options

When finding the right garage door for your home, you need to carefully consider the type of material it’s made from as this will impact its appearance, durability and maintenance.

  • Wood offers a classic and rustic charm but may require more maintenance to keep it looking its best.
  • Steel doors are durable and low-maintenance, ideal for busy homeowners.
  • uPVC doors are known for their affordability and weather-resistant qualities.

For expert advice on the most suitable garage door for your home, our expert team at Associated Garage Doors is on hand to help.

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