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How to repair and maintain an up and over garage door

Key Features of Up-and-Over Garage Doors: These traditional, track-operated doors are widely used in the UK, but their considerable weight necessitates careful maintenance to prevent hazards. Maintenance Essentials: Regular checks should include cleaning tracks, inspecting for door warping, and monitoring for wear, rust, and unusual noises like grinding, which could signal underlying problems. Common Repairs and Safety Precautions: Issues such as misaligned tracks, broken torsion springs, and damaged cables are common and should be addressed by professionals due to the associated risks. Warping Issues and Replacement Options: Warping in wooden doors may require partial or full replacement, depending on the extent…

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How A Garage Can Add Value to Your Property

Increased Property Value: Adding a garage can boost a home’s value by over five per cent, roughly £14,000 for the average UK house. Security and Curb Appeal: Garages offer secure parking, protect cars from the elements, and improve a property’s external appearance. Versatile Use and Storage: A garage provides additional space for various purposes like a home office or gym, and extra storage. Quality Garage Door Importance: Selecting a high-quality garage door is essential for enhancing visual appeal and value. If you’ve been unsure about whether adding a garage to your property would be a worthwhile investment, look no further! The…

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Why Your Garage Door Is Rusting and How to Stop It

Rust Causes: Rust on metal garage doors can be accelerated by seaside conditions and the UK’s damp climate. Pollen can sometimes mimic the appearance of rust. Removing Rust: Use white vinegar for minor rust, applying with a cloth and scrubbing with steel wool. Replace the door if rust is extensive. Post-Cleaning Steps: After rust removal, clean the door, rinse, and repaint with rust-resistant paint. Even some of the highest quality garage doors can become susceptible to rust, so don’t worry too much if you have started to notice signs of it. In this article, the Associated Garage Doors team is going…

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How to Lubricate a Garage Door

Noise Sources: Garage door noise may be due to loose components, worn rollers, old springs, or rusty hinges. Tighten parts and inspect rollers and springs for wear. Lubrication Guide: Use a spray lubricant like WD-40 on hinges, tracks, rollers, and chains. Apply sparingly and gradually to avoid over-lubricating. Professional Help: If uncertain, it’s advisable to get professional assistance for both identifying issues and lubricating the door. If you’re reading this article, the chances are your garage door has started to make a fair bit of noise recently. Of course, some creaks are to be expected with such a large mechanism, but…

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How to Turn Your Garage Into a Home Gym

The past six months have been difficult for those with an active lifestyle. Gyms around the country have been forced to close, and with much of the guidance surrounding the pandemic being focused around staying indoors, getting some valuable exercise in has been a little tricky.  There are ways around this of course, you just need to find a space within your home that’s fit to become a dedicated exercise area, and what better place than your garage? If you’re keen on this idea, then read on for some tips about how to turn your garage into a home gym. The…

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