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How to repair and maintain an up and over garage door

  • Key Features of Up-and-Over Garage Doors: These traditional, track-operated doors are widely used in the UK, but their considerable weight necessitates careful maintenance to prevent hazards.
  • Maintenance Essentials: Regular checks should include cleaning tracks, inspecting for door warping, and monitoring for wear, rust, and unusual noises like grinding, which could signal underlying problems.
  • Common Repairs and Safety Precautions: Issues such as misaligned tracks, broken torsion springs, and damaged cables are common and should be addressed by professionals due to the associated risks.
  • Warping Issues and Replacement Options: Warping in wooden doors may require partial or full replacement, depending on the extent of damage, with professional advice being crucial to ensure safe and effective repair or replacement.

As the name suggests, up-and-over garage doors operate by running along a set of aligned tracks that enable the door to smoothly transition between an open and closed position while in use.

This traditional style of garage door lends itself to both new build and older properties, accounting for its continued popularity throughout the UK. 

The heavy weight of the garage door means that it can become dangerous if broken or incorrectly maintained.

Perhaps your door has become lodged during operation or there are signs of rust – there’s no better time than now to give your garage door a bit of TLC to ensure safe, reliable use. 

Associated Garage Doors team members fitting new garage door

How can I maintain my up-and-over garage door?

To keep your up-and-over garage door operating as it should, regular maintenance is required.

This will highlight any potential issues with the door that will need looking into before they escalate.

For this, you should closely inspect the:

  • Tracks for dirt, debris or grime
  • Door for signs of warping, caving or bowing
  • All mechanisms for wear and tear or rusting
  • Weather seal for cracks or damage

You should also keep an ear out for any new or strange noises such as grinding, rumbling or squeaking as these can indicate problems with parts of your garage door that need inspecting.

How can I repair my up-and-over garage door?

When it comes to repairs, it’s imperative that all work is carried out by a qualified professional due to the risks involved with such a heavy item as a garage door.

Common garage door issues include: 

Misaligned tracks. This problem can cause the garage door to become lodged or stuck. It can even lead to the door suddenly falling and injuring those nearby. 

Broken torsion spring. The torsion spring is the part of the garage door opening system that is capable of lifting the heavy weight of the garage door. If there is a gap underneath one side of the door or it has become misaligned, this might be due to a broken torsion spring and will need to be looked at immediately.

Loose, old or damaged cables. Whether your door has hit an object during operation, been lifted too quickly or suffered from general wear and tear, the cables might become loose or snap. Not only can this be dangerous, but it also prevents the door from closing and locking properly, leaving the contents of your garage vulnerable. 

Warping: Some garage doors, particularly those made from wood, can experience warping during their lifespan. This is typically due to extreme temperatures which can cause the door to cave in or bow – in some cases it can be due to age or the strength of the garage door opener. 

If only a couple of the door panels have warped, they may be able to be replaced. However, if the door has suffered considerable damage, then the entire thing will need replacing to ensure safe and reliable use. Enlisting the help of an experienced garage door professional will determine which of these solutions is the most suitable for you.

Whether you require garage door repairs, maintenance or an entirely new up and over garage door, look no further than Associated Garage Doors.

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