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Legal considerations when fitting a commercial garage door

  • Compliance with Standards: Ensure commercial garage doors meet CPD, CE marking, and Declaration of Conformity standards. Electrically operated doors must also comply with the Machinery Directive, requiring a Declaration of Incorporation from the manufacturer.
  • Installer Responsibilities: Installers must issue a Declaration of Conformity to customers, keep technical files showing compliance, and adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 for correct installation.
  • Legal and Planning Considerations: Illegal installations can lead to significant legal issues. Planning permission is usually not needed unless the new door drastically changes the appearance or is for a listed building or conservation area.
  • Choosing the Right Supplier: Select a garage door company with proper accreditations and positive reviews to ensure compliance and avoid legal problems. Associated Garage Doors is SSIP and SMAS certified, indicating full adherence to health and safety standards.

Commercial and industrial garage doors pose health and safety risks if they are not manufactured, installed or operated correctly.

As such, it’s imperative that companies adhere to the relevant legislation to protect the health and safety of staff, visitors, customers and passersby. 

As a fully compliant garage door company, the experts here at Associated Garage Doors have put together this article so you can navigate your way through the different legal considerations when fitting a commercial garage door. 

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Commercial garage door installation

First and foremost, the product itself must meet the required standards.

For this, manufacturers are responsible for making sure the garage door complies with the: CPD (Construction Products Directive), CE marking, and Declaration of Conformity. Electrically operated or remote controlled doors must also comply with Machinery Directive – for this, both the door and installer must have a Declaration of Incorporation from the manufacturer. 

The installer must also:

– issue the Declaration of Conformity to the customer once the installation is complete

– hold copies of both the Declaration of Incorporation and the Declaration of Conformity on a technical file to show that the garage door complies with the relevant health and safety requirements


If any of the above requirements are not met, the installation is deemed to be illegal.

If the manufacture or installation of your commercial garage door is illegal, you are liable for significant legal issues in the event that a claim or legal action is taken against you. 

With this in mind, you must carefully consider which company you decide to use for the installation of your garage door to avoid any legal problems.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the installer has a duty to ensure the garage door is fitted correctly in line with this legislation.

When researching for a competent engineer, remember to check their accreditations and reviews as these will indicate their authenticity and industry standing. 

Planning permission

In most instances, you will not require planning permission to have a new garage door fitted as it doesn’t affect the size or footprint of the garage itself.

That said, there are a few cases where this rule might not apply and you may require planning permission – these are as follows:

  • If the appearance of the door is dramatically different from its existing style: this can impact the look of the surrounding buildings which can negatively affect property prices 
  • If it’s being installed in buildings that are listed or in a conservation area: these have special protection due to their architectural or historic credentials, so any alterations may require consent

If you are unsure whether planning permission is required in your case, simply contact your local planning authority to check that your new garage door installation will be completely lawful.

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