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How to Warm Up a Freezing Cold Garage

We all need to enter our garages for one thing or another, whether you use it as a place to keep your car, for storage or as extra living space. But given how cold they can get in winter, we wouldn’t blame you for steering clear of the garage area if you can — it doesn’t have to be this way, though. 

In fact, with just a few minor tweaks, you can make your garage a more bearable – even pleasant – place to be in during the height of winter. 

But how can this be achieved? Read on to find out more.


How can I warm up a freezing cold garage?

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can warm up your freezing cold garage which we will cover in further detail in this blog post — these include:

  • Getting a heater
  • Insulation
  • New garage door
  • Replacement weather stripping
  • Upgrading garage door windows

Should I use a heater to warm up my garage?

While this might seem like an obvious suggestion, many often overlook how easily an electric heater can warm up a cold garage, particularly those with limited space. There are several heater options available to you, including ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted styles which take up minimal space inside the garage. It’s worth noting that you should only use a low-intensity heater made for indoor use to avoid any potential fire hazards. 

Will insulating my garage door warm up my garage?

The best and most cost-effective way to achieve a warmer garage is to insulate your garage door, as this will provide a thermal barrier to protect the contents of your garage against the elements and improve energy efficiency. Not only that, it reduces noise levels and has strengthening qualities.

If you want to take on this job yourself, here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose the right insulation: we would recommend opting for foil insulation, specifically multifoil, if you can budget for it. If you would rather not spend the extra cash, single foil will do just fine.
  • Installing the insulation: to install the insulation, you first need to cut it to the right length, ensuring that it maps onto the internal section of your garage door. To secure it to the door, we would recommend getting yourself some foil tape — you can find this at most DIY shops. 

It’s worth noting that, before you actually secure the installation, you need to account for any cavities in the door itself. You can use glass wool insulation to pad out these areas and then use your multifoil insulation after that. 

Hiring the expertise of a professional will ensure that the insulation work is carried out correctly, so you can reap the benefits of a properly insulated garage door for many years to come.

Is it time to buy a new garage door to warm up my garage?

If you’re not much of a DIYer, or if your current garage door has seen better days, you might want to consider buying a new, well-insulated garage door to replace it. But which one should you choose?

The material with the best insulation value has to be wood, and it is also often considered the most aesthetically pleasing. Wooden garage doors can be pricier than alternative materials, so it’s worth researching this further to make an informed decision. 

When it comes to styles, sectional garage doors have a fantastic insulation value. This is because they have the Goldilocks number of panels: enough to ensure that heat loss is kept to a minimum upon opening, but not too many so that heat is lost through the gaps between them. It’s also worth mentioning that sectional garage doors come with insulated panels of 42mm or 67mm thick, further improving their insulation value.

Finally, you can also find garage doors which are purpose-built to be good insulators. Insulated roller garage doors are a popular choice for those who regularly use their garage space, or who have a garage attached to their home.

Shall I replace my weatherstripping to make my garage warmer?

With your garage door insulated, you want to make sure that no air can get in through the gaps between the door and the wall.

This is where quality weatherstripping comes in. If your garage is particularly cold, there’s a good chance that your weatherstripping is damaged, so we would recommend replacing it as soon as possible. This will create a tight seal around the garage door and will improve energy efficiency. 

As with the insulation, while you can carry out this work yourself following the correct steps, it’s recommended that you seek the help of an experienced professional to ensure the weatherstripping is properly fitted. 

Will upgrading my garage door windows make my garage warmer?

Older windows can significantly lower the energy efficiency of your garage as they might have gaps that let air inside or they are unable to withstand the outside elements. Upgrading these windows – or even investing in a new garage door with high-quality windows already fitted – is a surefire way to help make your garage a warmer space.

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